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Designed to protect and transport 6"-8" ports from Nauticam, Zen, Sea&Sea and similar sized ports.

* port not included


"Theses are not a “new product” in the sense that people have been making do with various pouches and solutions in order to carry ports for a long time. However, they are a bespoke solution that is in every way superior to every alternative that I have seen thus far. If you own a dome or macro port, I think you should consider purchasing one of these pouches for it. The protection afforded to your investment by doing so makes buying and using one a “no-brainer!” Highly recommended."  Adam Hanlon, Wetpixel

CB74 Dome Port Pouch 8"

  • The CB74 Port Case is a heavy duty case to protect and carry your compact sized dome port.

    • heavy duty tarpaulin fabric
    • padded sidewalls
    • oversized zippers
    • mesh pouch for accessories
    • mesh pouch to store port cover
    • neoperene carry handle

    size:      8" x 8" x 4"

    weight:   276g


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