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American salt water crocodile, Mexico.

All our CineBags Underwater expeditions serve multiple purposes. We get to live out our passion for underwater photography, that is of course most important. We get to test both of our existing lines of products for underwater photographers as well as our cinema line of bags for cameras and lenses. We use these trips to shoot advertising and promotional material for our catalogs, website, and social media. We also uses the trips to bring with us unreleased products and prototypes to put them through testing in the environment they were designed for, how much fun is that.

This trip to photograph salt water crocodiles took us to the far south of the Yucatan peninsula near the boarder of Belize. After an overnighter at the airport in Cancun, we take a small van to take the 6 hour drive south to the down Xcalak. From here we would continue our journey with our chartered boat to the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve.


One of the local residents show with a  CineBags CB70 Square Grouper bag.

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